About us

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Bulgaria, ROHE Automation has always been proud of its reputation of being amongst the fastest growing companies in the global petrol and forecourt solutions industry. The company's activities relate to the development, production and distribution of a diverse range of electronic devices for fuel-stations automation and forecourt control.

Upon establishing a significant presence in the Bulgarian market by installing our solutions on more than 40% of the fuel-stations in Bulgaria for the customers like Shell, OMV and Hellenic Petroleum (locally operating under the brand EKO), ROHE Automation constantly proceeds to explore new market opportunities in numerous foreign countries. Our devices work on 95% of all stations in Republic of Tanzania as well as on 100% of those who are automated. Today, a wide range of company equipment’s are operated successfully in countries like Germany, Greece, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia.

In 2012 the company presented their new brand RoSyS Series – a first class products, dedicated tools and R&D services related to all areas of fuel retailing automation – pumps, TLGs, price-signs, remote data transfer, etc. Since then the RoSyS brand mission is to generate a constant flow of revolutionary ideas, technologically advanced and carefully designed forecourt products. Every step - from the conception and design to the installation, service and support is dedicated for the RoSyS products to become a synonym for top quality worldwide.

Conceptually flexible sales and trade agreements as well as competitive prices underlie the company's presence in a notable number of forecourt stations worldwide. Based on reports from our satisfied customers, the performance of our products is showing outstanding levels proving that our goal is to continue to deliver high quality products and solution to our valued customers.