Custom Implementation

ROHE ensures a competitive working environment attracting the most competent experts in the field. Our team of professionals with rich experience in different technological spheres are able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing trends in the petrol industry. The substantial "know-how" and experience we have accumulated over the years lead us to a fast and competitive growth. We can help and assist in your custom project and develop the right state-of-the-art device that can perfectly fit your needs.

During the years we have successfully completed several outstanding custom projects that we are proud with:


  • Forecourt control system for dual POS management installed on EKO-Bulgaria filling stations

  • Pump controller for connecting different types of fuel-dispenser to a fiscal printer installed in 95% of fuel stations in Republic of Tanzania.

  • Tokheim Quality Calculator (TQC) – research & development of different interfaces and protocols (ZSR, IFSF-LON, TWI, ER3, NP, N3000, DART) for connecting to divers POS systems executed for Tokheim various customers.

  • Tokheim’s Online Authorisation and Switching Environment (OASE)

  • Tokheim’s industry leading point-of-sale-system – Fuel POS

  • TLG communication converter – GVR-protocol to IFSF-LON network installed in Start Italiana, Shell.


In order to keep our customers satisfied and happy we try constantly to approve and develop our customer service and support. It is no just important for us to be sure that our implemented forecourt devices are working properly but it is mandatory for our team of technical experts to be trusted with their advices and support that provide to the clients. To assure all of the above statement our Technical Help Support Center could provide you with:


  • 24/7 customer service Help Desk

  • Highly trained technical and engineering staff that could help with implementation of company products directly on your forecourt;

  • Delivering technical information and recommendations to help you with company implemented devices maintenance and solving technical issues on your fuel station

  • Trainings and education to your managers and fuel station stuff provided from team of experts

  • Quick and high level of accuracy by first call solving problems

Our long term goal is to be viewed as a trusted partner all over the world. Correctness and reliability in our relations with current and potential customers are criteria, which we regard as priority.