RoSyS L2D Bridge

Bridge solution from DART to IFSF-LON

Whether your petrol station has variety of existing DART protocol dispensers and new IFSF-LON pumps or your growing forecourt business acquired retail place with IFSF-LON POS terminal but all your dispensers available are working under DART protocol here comes the brand new RoSyS L2D Bridge – unique solution from our Bridge generation product line that gives you opportunity to solve your forecourt business obstacles and continue working and developing your business smooth and easy without interface issues.


RoSyS L2D Bridge module is smart protocol converter - an embedded device interfacing fuel-dispensers that support DART protocol to IFSF-LON network. The device is designed to connect non-IFSF dispenser to the IFSF-LON network on the petrol station and particularly to IFSF-compatible retail system (POS), that quickly and flexible solves the problems that appeared by pumps interface interactions. The RoSyS L2D Bridge converter main characteristics also include:


  • Power Supply: from 100V to 380V AC

  • Standard RS232 or RS485 communication to the master (Retail POS system)

  • Automatic protocol conversion from IFSF-LON to UDC and vice-versa

  • Supports all fuel-dispensers able to connect to the IFSF-LON network;

  • Fully compatible to IFSF-LON standard defined by International Forecourt Standards Forum

  • Decimal point adjustment for all parameters – Amount, Volume, Unit-Price and Totalizers

  • Convenient user interface for parameters adjustment – OLED Display and 5 keys on the front panel

  • LED indication – Activity, UDC-Tx/Rx, LON-Tx/Rx

  • Selectable LON-server node-address from 1 to 127

  • Up to 4 filling points (FPs) fully supported

  • Easy and fast firmware update over USB


The integrated LCD monitor main menu in RoSyS L2D Bridge module simply gives the most relevant and important information that helps forecourt staff and managers to monitoring and control the
interactions between fuel dispensers and the retail system. Each single RoSyS L2D Bridge device has its field descriptions on the main menu dashboard as follow:

  • POS polling indicator – shows the POS requests to each FP

  • Number of the FPs that are enabled

  • FP status – shows the current FP status – like “I” – initialized, “X”- not connected, “R” – ready, “C” – calling, “S” –started, “F” - fueling, etc.

  • POS system status – shows the online/offline status of the POS

  • HB indicator of the current FP shows when a HB (heard beat event is sent from the dispenser)

Technical Specifications

Parameter Range/Type
Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
Supply Voltage 100 V – 270 V AC
Sealing IP20
Material ABS Plastic
Supported Dispenser Brand All supporting DART protocol