RoSyS RFM Bridge

For any fleet fuel station that would go for improving efficiency, productivity and reducing the overall transportation costs by installing control system but the fuel dispenser is not suitable to be connected to it over the known interface-protocols. The intelligent RoSyS RFM 201 Bridge module from our Bridge Series product range is the best solution for this typical fleet management business scenario.


RFM 201 module is a flexible device capable to provide the interface connectivity of any electrically supplied fuel dispensers to an automation system (POS systems) over communication protocol. For the external control device (CD-POS) the communication with RFM201 appears as it is connected to standard dispenser. This control is simplified with no need of any changes from POS side.

The RoSyS RFM 201 Bridge converter main characteristics also include:

    • Power Supply: from 100V to 380V AC

    • Standard RS485 communication and UDC-protocol to the control unit

    • Reads the dispenser’s pulser in parallel with pump’s electronics;

    • Possibility to authorize the dispenser on POS command

    • Keeps electronic totalizers in its non-volatile memory

    • Perfect for fleet fueling stations

    • Supports all fuel-dispensers having electronic pulser for measuring the fuel volume

    • Less than 1% difference from pump’s LCD display data.

    • Decimal point adjustment for all parameters – Amount, Volume, Unit-Price and Totalizers;

    • Two Nozzles/FPs supported simultaneously

    • Convenient user interface for parameters adjustment – OLED Display and 5 keys on the front panel

    • LED indication – Activity, UDC-Tx/Rx, LON-Tx/Rx

    • Easy and fast firmware update over USB


    For controlling and monitoring the status of the fleet unit fuel dispenser RoSyS RFM 201 Bridge module has integrated LCD monitor with simplified main menu that gives your fleet managers constant report and relevant information helping them to control every fleet fuel dispenser unit interaction. Each single RoSyS RFM 201 Bridge device has its field descriptions on the main menu dashboard as follow:

    • FP status – shows the current FP status – like “I” – initialized, “X”- not connected, “R” - connected, “C” – calling, “S” –started, “F” - fueling, etc.

    • Nozzles figures – shows the amount, volume and unit price of each nozzle connected.

    • POS system status – shows the online/offline status of the POS

    • Nozzle status – shows the status of nozzles connected.

    Technical Specifications

    Parameter Range/Type
    Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
    Supply Voltage 100 V – 270 V AC
    Sealing IP20
    Material ABS Plastic
    Supported Dispenser Brand All unknown protocol dispensers with electronic pulser.