ROHE Automation enter Tanzania market with RoSyS Comforter 12T

Maria Buzova Installations

03/07/2017, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Rohe Automation Ltd, the ultimate forecourt solutions supplier of tailor-made electronic devices for fuel stations and forecourt control enter the Tanzania market by acting as subcontractor and partner of the officially approved by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) suppliers of   Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD).

Last year Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) directed all owners and operators of fueling stations in the country to fix EFD machines to the gasoline pump systems. In order to curb the tax leakages and improve the government revenue TRA demands all the drivers to be issued with EFD-generated receipts upon purchasing fuel from the station.

As subcontractor and partner of the officially appointed EFD producers , ROHE Automation will implement RoSyS Comforter 12T – an intelligent forecourt data controller that seamlessly connect all forecourt dispensers, tank-gauging, price sings, points-of-sale (POS) and electronic fiscal devices (EFD) into one unified data management system and thus preventing fuel loss, managing the forecourt employers and devices as well as giving fiscal data and reports in real time.

The project that started in the middle of the year including implementation of RoSyS Comforter 12T with connected EFD to the system in most of the fuel stations in 4 provinces in Tanzania and must finish till the end of 2017.

  “This is one of the most challenging project in my carrier”, said George Pangev, General Manager of ROHE Automation. “ Most of the petrol stations in Tanzania was working for years on the market with already established pumps and forecourt  equipment. The majority of these dispensers were not able to be connected directly to POS or EFD system. Changing all the old equipment with new one is also extremely expensive solution that many of the owners cannot afford. By implementing our most innovative product  RoSyS Comforter 12T forecourt controller on the petrol station we are solving all of  these issues easily, efficiently and most important on very competitive price.”