Pilot installation of RoSyS Comforter 12T in Lebanon

Maria Buzova Installations

08/05/2019 – Beirut, Lebanon. ROHE Automation Ltd, the ultimate forecourt solutions supplier of tailor-made electronic devices for fuel stations and forecourt control together with Apex Trading & Services SAL- one of the largest distribution companies and official representative of Tatsuno Corporation in Lebanon with many local offices in Oman, Iraq, Kuwait and many other countries in Middles East and North Africa has installed the pilot system of ROHE’s  RoSyS Comforter 12T – an intelligent forecourt data controller that seamlessly connect all forecourt dispensers, tank-gauging, price sings and points-of-sale (POS) into one unified data management system.

The pilot system was installed in city of Beirut on one of the popular chain of petrol stations Malapco in Lebanon. Consisting of forecourt control system Comforter 12T, 3 DSBII, 3 RFID modules and POS the system is fully compatible with the Tatsuno pumps that has been installed on the forecourt and will be able to provide reliable data for whole forecourt operations as well as to follow up the loyal customers of the petrol station. The system will operate both Ethernet and Wi-Fi in order to satisfy all customer needs.

“This is very important and strategic partnership.”, said George Pangev, General Manager at ROHE Automation. “Apex Trading is very well-known company in Middle East and Africa with high esteemed company image from the customers for their professionalism and reliability. So trusting us with our forecourt control system RoSyS Comforter 12T is a very valuable appraisal for us. We are happy that the installation of Comforter 12T system made on Malapco petrol station was successful and up to know is not showing signs of issues. We would be very proud if we justify their trust and continue our future successful cooperation on these markets”