RoSyS Comforter 12T

RoSyS Comforter 12T is forecourt data controller that seamlessly connect all your forecourt dispensers, tank-gauging, price sings and points-of-sale (POS) into one unified data management system that gives you opportunity to easily control your fuel station. Get easy access to your forecourt activities and data reports through the system web-based interface solution in real-time from every computer or mobile device.

Product Overview

If you are tired of manually or third-party maintaining your fuel station dispensers and forecourt operations, facing losses and could not predict your potential business benefits RoSyS Comforter 12T is your ultimate solution for easy and intelligent managing all your forecourt activities, potential points of failure and reduces your maintaining cost by adding value to your business. Simply integrate the wireless RoSyS Dispenser Smart Box ( DSB) in each dispenser in your fuel station, connect your TLG/ATG system and it’s automatically and seamlessly starts to retrieve transaction data in real time to your RoSyS Comforter 12T controller device.

The RoSyS Comforter 12T platform also features:

  • Standalone embedded device wireless connected to each of the forecourt dispensers.

  • Compact size and modern design.

  • Easy to install plug and play features.

  • Supports up to 12 forecourt communication points.

  • Integrated Web-server easily accessed by any computer or mobile device.

  • Remote access via GPRS modem (if the IP address is known).

  • Possibility to interface with tank level gauge system (TLG), GVR-protocol supported.

  • Systems access of Service Engineer and/or Manager for checking the current status, changing prices or configurations.

  • Stop or release of any pump or the entire station remotely.

  • Journal file – for diagnostic with all the alerts, errors and interactions.

  • Period information management - shift, day management with total sales and also per pump and per product.

  • Fuel prices management – remotely over internet or the local network.

  • Fuel tank management (if TLG installed).

  • Upload on each transaction to a remote ftp-server, daily report and journal-file.

Monitoring and Reporting Web-based interface

All data provided by RoSyS Comforter 12T goes to centralized web-based system for monitoring and reporting the fuel station operations, transactions and activities on a daily bases in real time. Accessed by any computer or mobile device the system gives the retail managers opportunity to enhance their fuel stations performance and productivity, to control their operation flows, maintain issues and increase their staff efficiency. Once logged-in to the Web interface of RoSyS Comforter 12T the following available reports are provided:

  • Total amount from current day’s sales.

  • Money & volume breakdown per products.

  • Number of the transactions done per current day.

  • Overview of all transactions for last two weeks.

  • Overview of liters fuel sold for the last two weeks.

  • Overview of the transactions done on hour base.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Range/Type
Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
Supply Voltage 100 V – 240 V AC
Sealing IP20
Material Stainless steel
Supported Dispenser Brand
  • Tokheim (USA, Europe, India)
  • Gilbarco (USA, Europe, Brazil, China)
  • Wayne (USA, Europe, Brazil)
  • Hong-Yang (China)
  • Prowalco (South Africa)
  • Midco (India)
  • Mekser (Turkey)
  • Mepsan (Turkey)
  • Tatsuno (Japan, India)
  • Eagle Star (China)
  • Wenzhou (China)
  • Stabilizing (China)
  • Nuovo-Pignone (Italy)
  • Manessmann ER3 (Germany)
  • Schwelm ZSR (Germany)