Discover the tank-gauging solution excellence.

Enter the future of IFSF-LON thank-gauging systems with RoSyS V2L BRIDGE controller that simply connect your ATG consoles and reports all data collected to the POS (thank- levels,
volumes, temperatures, etc.) as well as capture all transactions from the fuel-pumps in real-time and reports them to the ATG.

Product Overview

The RoSyS V2L BRIDGE module is a flexible device capable to provide IFSF-LON interface connectivity of any TLG (tank level gauging) system that supports the standard Veeder-Root communication protocol and connects it to IFSF-LON based POS system(s) and fuel-dispensers. Easy to install and with comfortable user friendly interface this device becomes an indispensable solution for every manager that is looking for optimal control and administration of its fuel stations. This intelligent solution also features the following parameters:

  • Standard RS232 or RS485 communication to the ATG console.

  • Fully compatible to IFSF-LON standard.

  • Power Supply: from 100V to 380V AC.

  • Support of various Veeder-Root (VR) protocol commands.

  • If some VR command is not supported by the console then default values are used.

  • VR’s “B”, “C” and “D” commands are also supported for allowing console’s business inventory report (BIR) creation.

  • Convenient user interface for parameters adjustment.

  • LED indication – Activity, VR-Tx/Rx, LON-Tx/Rx.

  • Up to 16 tank-probes fully supported over the console protocol.

  • Up to 8 temperature sensors per tank-probe supported.

  • Up to 32 IFSF-LON pumps can be connected /monitored and reported to the ATG.

  • Supported up to 32 LON node addresses in the range from 1 to 127.

  • Conversion from-to [Metric] <> [US] <> [Imperial] for all connected devices.

  • Easy and fast firmware update over USB-port.

Main Menu Dashboard

The build-in main menu in RoSyS V2L BRIDGE module allows every fuel operational supervisor easy and quickly to perform monitoring and control over the fuel station ATG system status. Thus enabling to be prevented potential losses, frauds and leaks by saving time and effort to the fuel station managers and staff. Each single RoSyS V2L BRIDGE device has its field descriptions on the main menu as following:

  • Connection status V2L to POS – shows the status in real-time of V2L connection to one or few POS-systems over IFSF-LON;

  • Status of TLG-part connection – shows the status in real time of V2L connection to one or few TLG-systems over Veeder-Root protocol;

  • Number of commands transmitted to/from TLG - shows the total number of transmitted and received commands between V2L and TLG

  • Number of Tanks Online/Total Configured- shows the online tanks to the left and the total number of tanks configured to the right

  • Number of POS connected and HB event - shows the total number of POS systems connected and displays a heart sign when a heartbeat is received

  • Number of pumps connected and HB event - shows the total number of pumps connected and displays a heart when a heartbeat is received

  • Status messages HB events-shows the LON node address from which a heartbeat was received and if that heartbeat was from a pump or from a POS

  • Connection status V2L to Pumps- shows the status in real-time of connected pumps.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Range/Type
Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
Supply Voltage 100 V – 270 V AC
Sealing IP20
Material ABS Plastic
Supported Dispenser Brand
  • Supporting all Veeder-Root
  • protocols
  • Tokheim ProGauge
  • Franklin EVO
  • ROHE gBig 15